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Maison Tinḍi is the address for connoisseurs to find interior decorations and authentic and unique handcrafted pieces of different styles, with an ever-changing selection. Our priority is to help our customers conceive their own vision of design and find pieces that will please them and their loved ones.

It is because we value handmade that we offer turnkey kits to develop your creativity and awaken the artist in you. Come browseour catalogand find your happiness.

Tissage à la main


“Tinḍi” means craftsmanship in the Tamazight language (language of North Africa). Indeed, our catalog is mainly composed of items designed by hand by craftsmen. The logo meanwhile designates the olive tree which symbolizes calm and beneficial strength among the Berbers. 


At Maison Tinḍi we are committed to offering you products made from natural and sustainable materials inspired by various timeless designs and contemporary and artisanal styles from around the world. Our goal is to provide you with everyday items made with a social and environmental conscience. 

We particularly appreciate the expertise and talent of the craftsmen. Sharing their know-how and highlighting their talent is one of the things that is most important to us. Our selection will make you travel through their different universes and will bring a significant touch of authenticity to your interior or will be an original gift to your loved ones.

The craftsmen and service providers with whom we collaborate are carefully selected. They are aware and concerned about their social and environmental impact. We also encourage actors who work with people with disabilities and social and professional integration.  

We believe that ethical and sustainable conduct must be prioritized and for this we are always concerned with the who, what, where and how surrounding our products to provide you with the best. We appreciate and favor local actors, handmade, fair trade and sustainable production methods. Thus, our products are available in limited quantities because they are made in workshops on a human scale and are therefore not intended for the industrial scale.

Together, we can act to live more consciously and more ethically. We hope you will join the Maison Tinḍi community to consume more ethically and to support our values and those of our committed creators. 

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